An Integrated Application Which Empowers Users to Have Full Control over Business

UNIQUE ERP is a device agnostic application which can run on desktop, iPad and iPhone.



Desktop & Computers

Industrial Machines

The dashboard gives you the flexibility to view from any tablet or smart phone. Access your stores from any location to keep up with the latest sales and overall performance

Hulexo allows you to continue working regardless of whether you have internet connection or not. Now you can continue selling online/offline without the need for any local separate server

Allow your business to grow with an integrated Customer Relationship Management system, which offers real-time insights into business sales

It is perfect for companies or businesses that have multiple branches since it supports warehouse management, and multi-level, centralized reporting

Hulexo- Retail ERP offers speedy transactions and accepts all major credit card payments. The entire system has a unique design, to offer simplicity and business growth

Our ERP system works in various industries and offers the best functionalities that you won’t find in other point of sale systems

Why Use Unique – Retail ERP?

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