This tool is very helpful for the Procurement and Purchase departments to keep track and order history of suppliers and vendors. Listed below are the key functions of this system.

  1. Keep information of Introduction and Company Details.
  2. Contact Persons details for multiple purchasers.
  3. Ownership and Authorized Signatories.
  4. Trade Licenses and Licenses approved Activities by Municipality.
  5. HSE and Health Safety Management details of vendor.
  6. Productsand Material Record Supplied by Vendor.
  7. Principle Details of supplier
  8. Prequalified Info with ADNOC Group of Companies.
  9. Experience Details/History with other companies.
  10. Manpower, Infrastructure and Google locations of Office, Showroom Warehouse and Workshops
  11. Quality Assurance and Machinery / Equipment’s Details.
  12. Average Revenue of Supplier yearly.
  13. Bank & Accounts Details.
  14. All related attachments of the supplier

A online login can also be given to the supplier to update their details directly, and the system can then send an email automatically to the supplier to provide the updated trade licenses upon expiry.