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As per our survey’s, most hotels and event companies lack the right event management systems to make it easier to have an organized set up. Most of the hotels and event companies are not providing the real time visitor data collection/ registration services for corporate events to their clients. That is where our event management systems play a vital role. Unique Soft offers event management companies as well as hotel industries with the best technology that can handle every event life cycle right from its start to finish.

What makes it a unique solution is the fact that it drastically reduces human efforts, but also speeds up the registration process for all the visitors attending the event. Get access to visitor information, and avail several key benefits, making event management a breeze.

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Everything You Wanted in an Event Management System

Digital Registration System;
Enhance the professionalism of the enrollment process and visitor check-in with a digital registration system

Improve Security;
Improve security by identifying who is in a facility quickly and accurately, especially in emergency situations

Attendees Database;
Fetch the relevant data from Emirates ID & Business Cards

Assigning Tasks;
Manage entire Event at a single platform, Mobilize the team and assign job responsibilities

Automated Invitations;
Now you can automatically send Invitations to the event attendees. Send Survey/feedback Email to all attendees

Easy to Access;
Access the system from anywhere at any time around the globe.