UniqueSoft Brief Introduction

Unique Soft is the technical consultant in the region since 2007 with a qualified and experienced staff and always comes up with out of the box ideas to simplify the work of any business industry and provide out amazing concepts to the managements to develop skill set of their staff with the help of IT platforms, artificial intelligence and electronic system thus creating paper less working environment. It reduces manpower time, improves quality of work, simplify the complex process and provide business development ideas.

For our proven track record of our success stories, the expert team plays a key role. They have shown huge efforts by proper planning and execution. The process involves tomeet each staff of organization, gather information as per his job description and make work flows and provide solution as per the business requirement to meet tough challenges of your businesses.

Taw-Jeeh System Executive Summary

Taw-jeeh is one of the services provider for public, private and corporate entities in UAE in terms of providing the documentary renewals, Public Relation Officers (PRO) services, Electronic work permits, labor law guidance training and typing services for around seventeen areas assigned by the government.

In this type of business it is highly important to save the time of customer/PRO/Customer Happiness agent and provide more comfort to him, as much as customer is comfortable, he feel cool to visit your Taw-Jeeh several times and this can be possible with good enough smart and efficient system to be in place.

In terms of providing better quality of services to their customers, it requires simple, user-friendly, cost effective and state of art solution to reduce their overhead, improve good customer services and boost the business with minimal manpower.

This would be possible only with one centralized tailor made ERP, integrated with latest technology techniques and artificial intelligence devices, like SMS services, Whatsaap, Emirates ID Card, Time attendance, integrate scanners, queue-matric systems, electronic signature card devices, capture photo cameras to full fill the need of Taw-jeeh for smooth long life business.

Taw-Jeeh ERP Modules

Taw-Jeeh Business Management System covers the following areas. The solution must be provided with the end to end solution for Taw-Jeeh to full fill the requirements of coming decades in this nature of business and should be fully capable for the expunction factors in future.
Departments to be covered.

  1. Quotations, Invoices, Receipts, Taw-Jeeh Srvices Management.
  2. Receptionist, Help Desk & Customer Services Management.
  3. Typing / Customer Happy-ness Agents Module
  4. Customer/PRO Self-Management Kiosk.
  5. PRO Login to manage his profile, schedule employees Labor Training and commission history
  6. Sales & Marketing Team Management.
  7. Finance & Accounts.
  8. Human Resource / Administration.
  9. Information & Technology Department.
  10. Staff Meeting Reservations / Cafe / Food Ordering.
  11. Purchase / Store / Inventory.
  12. DU / Etisalat Portal for nominating the SIM Cards to new unskilled workers.
  13. Management Dashboards Graphic Reports.
  14. Centralized Telephone Directory with Phone System.
  15. Unskilled Workers Training Services Module.
  16. Customers and Companies Management

Key Benefit of Taw-Jeeh ERP

Management Benefits

Management can easily track the daily activity report in terms of customer visits, creation of Invoices and transection, review daily, weekly, monthly profit and expenses dashboard, errors summary by customer happiness agents, customer feedback and complaints functions and much more.

Customer Happiness Agents (CHA) Benefits

System is designed with validations and alters which minimize the chance of human errors by CHA. Epically new bar code token function help them to retrieve all the services required by PRO’s by just token barcode scan which PRO/Customer receive from reception.

Incase if customer/PRO directly approach to CHA for getting the services, CHA also can generate the services token from Tawjeh ERP on behalf of receptionist.

Huge time will saving for Customer Happiness Agent (CHA) as per below points.

  • Just Scan the Barcode Token and not need to ask PRO/Customer what services does him required as everything is already handled in the reception.
  • No need to make calculation for the fesses and document required for the relevant services, as token paper displays everything.
  • No Need to create new invoice, select company, select PRO, Select required services..etc and make data entry except scanning “MB” number. Just Token Barcode Scan will do everything.
  • Can easily update the PRO and Company Details Records.
  • Can easily delete in case some transaction is not required and customer cancelling on spot.
  • Print single Invoice for each company with all the related transaction, this saves lots of paper work, instead of printing each transection invoice separately, but even tough separate transection invoice print function available.

Receptionist Benefits

Normally customer comes to counter and ask lots of questions about document required for different services, fee details and other relevant information. This became very easier now without new technique.

  1. Swap Emirates ID in card reader to fetch the PRO details.
  2. System will show how many companies PRO handling, after choosing the company, need to choose the relevant transection by drop down or quick search and type the quantity of transection required.
  3. System will print the barcode toke A5 Size Sheet with price and all necessary details and document required for each transaction.
  4. Built-in Telephone directory can also help her to search all Taw-Jeeh staff contact details within branch or from other relevant branches.

Cashier Benefits

Cashier job also become very simple. Now cashier can easily scan the Barcode printed Invoice by CHA fetch the relevant invoice transections, take the cash from customer and update payment status and print the cash receipt.

Also no need to make PRO commission sheet manually, system can automatically generate the commission payment voucher with all “MB” numbers typed in it.

No more excel sheet manual entries are required to make daily cash flow summary reports as system will do automatically.

Customer / PRO Benefits

Tawjeeh-ERP can be utilized in standalone kiosk, PRO/Customer can also go to Kiosk or even to the receptionist, swap his emirates ID, select relevant services for relevant company and generate quotation barcoded token ticket which explain the document required for each services, fee for each services and total amount required.

Normally if customer does not have prior information about all document required and fee he required to pay for the relevant transection, this wastes lots of his time once he approach to CHA after long waiting.

Sales/Marketing Team Benefits

Sales team can be easily visit the customers / companies and make business meeting and scan the business card directly into Taw-Jeeh ERP by IPHON/IPAD, can record meetings, can save the current location of customer, can make any contract on spot and update the necessary requirement from the customer.

Sales representative not required any more to make excel summaries and report to his manager as real time record fetching and updated will eliminate all that work and manager can view the real time activity of his sales team.