A Simply and Easy to Manage System

Considering the current position or the value of the tailoring and fabric industry today, proper management of data and everything that goes into the business has become an integral aspect. Unique Soft Network & IT Solution has designed a perfect, simple, easy to manage and user-friendly Tailoring & Fabric Management System to enhance the work efficiency. It works in a unique manner to save man hours and boost productivity.

Now, it is easier to manage all details of each branch of various sites, create connectivity to manage all of your Branches and sites centrally from a single location. All data tracking, locating, searching through this software is a job of seconds. You can make your customers happy by sending occasional greetings, product offer & work completion. Manage billing, petty cash book, invoices, sales, quick find customer orders, customize products, view the current status of all job, and so much more.

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Everything You Wanted in a Tailoring & Fabrics Management System

Data Management;
Manage customer information, measurement details with sale history

Manage Work Progress;
You can manage workers account & their work progress & total suits made by each tailor

Invoicing Made Easier;
With Unique Soft’s tailoring & Fabrics Management system, you can manage billing, Invoices, petty cash book, sales register

Stock Management
Manage stock inventory of fabrics & tailoring accessories. Quick find, track customers order & their history

Customize Products
Customize your products and items as per your needs

PRO Management
Manage (PRO) related work like employee visa, labor card, insurance card, passport & emirates ID renewals