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Today, if you own a Karate club business, you must have a clear picture of how challenging this could be. Yes, managing a karate club business is not so easy, especially without an enterprise management software. Unique Soft’s Karate Management System is exactly what your business needs. It will let you have better control over key business areas. We have taken our time to design the best, state of the art system that will allow you to manage your business processes in the best, efficient way. It will help you to reduce your time and cost by enhancing your business environment.

This system aims at making data processing faster, to make a secure system, have data integrity, and minimize time consumption. It helps to manage athlete registration, schedule, manage the event, generate reports, and more to maintain a well-organized system.

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Karate Management System Modules & Features

Administration Module

Have a number of multiple branches, better account management (Dojo), batch types, test types, test results, KYU categories, and more

Manage Students

Student profile management is easier. Testing’s, student status and payment history, student transportation, grade correction, notes, referrals and more

Inventory & product Services

Get more information and the best when it comes to fee details, packages, uniforms, and shoes

Efficient HRMS

You can access employee lists, HR forms, view status of employees, their leaves, due payrolls, and much more

Track Sales and Purchases

Get real-time sales invoices, sales return, purchase history, purchase orders, goods receiving, purchase return and more


Get KYU wise report, batch-wise report, attendance report, transport report, fee report, invoicing report, sales items report

The Key Benefits

If you are searching for a time-saving, and profit producing software for your modern karate club business, Unique Soft’s Karate Management System is just the easy-to-use software platform you need. It is designed in the best ways to help you spend less time on admin, and more time in areas that you truly enjoy. Whether you need it for managing, training students or work directly on different areas of your business that drive profits, our solution can help.

Our solution is affordable, cloud-based, simple, independent, user-friendly, and offers several other benefits. Use it today to see for yourself and also view the brochure for more details.

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