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iDiseno is a market leading software for Interior Design Industry, It helps to reduce plenty of man hours and efforts to design and track the projects for client/customers and prepare BOQ, booklet for Interior Designers, CAD Engineers and Site Architects to implement the project. The design, menu and contents of iDiseno can be updated and changed as per the company requirements.

It is highly beneficial and simple to switch over to iDiseno as it saves time, reduce the chance of human error and the cost of data required in data entry and spec writing. A group of Designers, CAD Operator and Engineers can work at the same time on the software from their machine.

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The Key Features of iDiseno

Saves Time:
Allows Interior design companies to save the time and cost of hiring a technical staff, that would prepare the specification documents

Eliminates Errors;
Eliminate the risk of human error through process automation and save drastic amounts of time, allowing your employees to focus on other tasks

Track Drawings;
Upload and keep track of all kinds of drawings, documents and pictures

Streamlines Processes;
Streamlines the specification process and organizes fit out and FFE documentation under various sub-categories

Manage Various Categories;
Manage all categories of FFE, Finishes, and Fit Outs

Easily Prepare Sheets;
Prepare summary sheets, spec sheets, cut sheets with pictures, and complete specification of each respective categorical item with ease