Simplifies Many Aspects of Your Business

Unique Soft’s Eficiencia HR software simplifies so many aspects of your growing business. From employee on boarding, leave management, employee compensation, benefits, document expiry reminders, and other hR related documents, now you don’t need to stress, ditch paperwork save time and money. It is a tailored platform for your business and it seamlessly automates processes such as HR reports and employee information updates instantly.

It is designed in the best ways to track and optimize the hours employees spend on their job and it keeps track on salaries and wages paid. It enables HR to manage all the business documents efficiently. This helps to save more time spent on value-adding activities like retention and employee development. Our unique software transforms administrative staff into knowledgeable workers capable of managing an automated HR solution.

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Key Functionalities on a Single Platform

Employee & Company Document Management;
Our HR management solution enables you to manage employee and company documents efficiently and compliantly.

Performance Management;
Track and monitor the performance of individual employees, specific departments and your organization overall.

Employee Database;
Tracking employee information made easier. Now track personal data, job responsibilities, hiring checklists, employee training, documents and more.

Time & Attendance Systems;
Integrates with HR systems and payroll systems to streamline and simplify many functions within your business.

Increment & Salary History;
Track and optimize all the hours employees spend on the job, and keep records of salaries and wages paid and their increment history.

Self-Management Portal;
The self-management portal can help your company to save labor hours and increase efficiency. (Placing request – by Employees)