Created to Cover All Departments

Administration & IT Support
Reduce administrative time and get real-time view into resources, financials, resources and more to maximize profitability.

Logistics & Procurement
Optimize your business procurement process for workflow certainty. Our ERP streamlines and improves accuracy of key procurement transactions

Project Management
Support your organization end-to-end with a powerful cloud-based suite. Manage and monitor project status anytime.

Sales CRM
Let your business grow with a sales integrated CRM offering real-time insights into sales.

Human Resources & Recruitment
Our ERP Solution ensures the easy management of human resources, and covers various areas including recruitment.

Accounts Management (VAT enabled)
Accounting and finance is now simplified with Unique Soft’s ERP solution. Get accurate financial reports with accuracy guaranteed.

Self-Management Portal
This allows all employees to send various requests and keep a track on various aspects and information of their business.

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What we Offer in our ERP Solutions

ERP System that makes everything easy

A Centralized Database

Our Enterprise Resource Planning Software is a centralized suite of applications that will manage all core business processes of your company such as accounting, sales, purchasing, customer support, human resource, inventory, and CRM. It is a concise integrated system compared to other software designed for business processes specifically.

Under a centralized database, our ERP software will help your business to store, collect, interpret and manage data from different business units. Similarly, Unique Soft ERP will automate most back-office tasks, and streamline all cross-departmental workflows.

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Several Benefits

Our ERP software offers the best tools for top and mid layer management to monitor, the sales forecast, project status, and allows better communication within the business activities and the team. It offers several benefits including:

Increased Efficiency
It simplifies most business processes such as marketing, sales, inventory control and more integrated in a single ERP platform. It is best to access and collect data from the organization and it streamlines workflow. It also automates various daily tasks such as generating reports and entering data. It eliminates the chances of repetitive processes, and more.

Our ERP software also provides stakeholders and managers with quick look-ups. These allow most decision makers to glance at their organization at once and manage their business efficiently.

Fully Customizable
Our ERP gives you flexibility to customize it fully to enhance your business operations. The easy to customize feature enables you to change process quickly to achieve quality measures in the business market.

Make Accurate Forecasts
Using a centralized database ERP gives companies the ideal business solutions for standardized process, enhancing data integrity ultimately.

Unique Soft’s ERP tools use advanced analytics and filters to sift data for inconsistencies. The features of the ERP ensure the data remains updated and duplicate-free. With intact data, managers can generate reports with realistic forecasts and make estimates within a reasonable range of outcomes. In addition, our advanced ERP solutions use predictive algorithms that allow users to dig deeper into huge data. It gives companies the leverage for hidden insights and lets them gain a competitive edge.

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