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Do you own or run a café, restaurant or fast food business, flower & gift shops, apparel items, garments, boutique, abaya, and general trading business?

In your business you may serve walk in takeaway customers or customers who call directly to your outlet directly or customer call your call center and booking the orders, or customers just setting in their vehicle and want to place the order or customer calling from the hotel room and place the order or all of the above.
To be your customers, you need a point of sale system but how to find the right one? A good POS system needs software, computers sometimes even a server to host the software and its database all running on your premises you’ll also need some IT guys to install it and a long term maintenance contract too and if you have multiple branches you need to set up all of this again at each of them that’s a lot of money spent on IT but wait it doesn’t have to be this hard.
Introducing HULEXO / UniqueSOFT A state of art one stop shop solution which full fills all of your needs like.

  1. Centralized all branches and outlets. (Branch Wise)
  2. Built in call center solution Integrated with your phone system to determine incoming calls with customer name and location.
  3. Store, Purchase order, Suppliers and Inventory Management.
  4. Customer Feedback function (to enhance quality of your services)
  5. Digital Menu to help the customer search items by IPAD or digital kiosk.
  6. Sales Dashboard Directly connected with head quarter and top management. (Dashboard – Branch wise and date wise based on sales, purchase, expenses, profit and top selling)
  7. Usage Management – Wastage, Issue to Staff, etc…
  8. VAT Return – sales, purchase & other expenses
  9. Built-in HRMS and Time Attendance Function.
  10. Integrated with SMS functions (Singles and bulk SMS) for special promotion / offers.
  11. Support different coupon offers to boost your sales.
  12. Built in Video library for self-training.
  13. Built-in Complaint logging function between you and Hulexo/Uniquesoft team for quick problem resolving. (Live customer support inside the system – cloud based)
  14. Support different prices for different outlets. (Branch Wise)
  15. Can be integrated with hotel customers for room delivery services.
  16. Arabic and English Language support with much more.

Hulexo is an all-in-one cloud-based point-of-sale system designed for restaurants, cafes and fast food businesses, flower & gift shops, apparel items, garments, abaya, boutique and general trading business of all sizes.

Because it is hosted and managed by us. You don’t need an expensive infrastructure or IT contracts, all you need to use is a client app, it really is that simple.

This also means that Hulexo / Uniquesoft ERP works on any device, laptops, PCs, windows tablets, even mobile phones. we have built Hulexo to be easy to set up and a pleasure to use but what if your business grows and you want to open in a new location, all you have to do is to click a button and Hulexo ERP will add a branch to your existing setup so what else could you possibly need in a POS system.

How about a super dashboard with detailed reports to let you know how your business is doing the ability to monitor the performance of all your locations remotely over a secure internet connection and even track your delivery orders from kitchen to your customers doorstep all in real time or how about the ability to manage and control your inventory with incredible ease using powerful tools such as food costing ,recipe management ,purchases and stock transfers ,wastage control, digital stock takes right on your IPAD/windows tablet and live visibility of your stock , your very own web and mobile ordering channel that can be set up in minutes and that lets your customers place orders directly on your website and inbuilt loyalty program to help you grow your business and build a loyal customer base .

Too good to be true ,see for yourself start your free trial today and discover what else Hulexo/Uniquesoft ERP can do to help grow your business save your money and delight your customers .

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